Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Discover Current 40- Free Paid Blogging Sites Today!

Just as I promise you earlier, I dedicate this site for your free basic online information. I would appreciate it much if you could let me know whether you love my information by just drop 2-3 line comment. I like comment. When I see you comments on my post, it sparks my ego to post more. And also, your comment is a viewpoint which I would follow to reach your satisfaction. Okay? Yaa…

Today, I would like to bring us a useful topic focus on work-at-home jobs—paid blogging sites. Some of us might’ve heard about this online job; some as well might’ve not yet heard this wonderful work-at-home job opportunity. I gathered these websites and publish it here for you. Based on my online research, here are tried & tested 40-free paid blogging sites which I suggest if you need work-at-home job, you can freely participate on any of them. They’re all free to join and anybody from anywhere can participate.

Remember, if you’re a subscriber or current visitor of this site, you knew there’s nothing to fear about—I said this to my current subscribers, who had been visiting this site since the day I created it--- So feel free and read further. Then new subscribers, this site is for your online information on any tasted & tried website offers on net. My previous bad experiences on online jobs had taught me lesson that led me to setup this site to publish useful information and guides for the online newbie; so as to escape all the internet modern frauds from net. For those who love writing, you can now write few words for companies and get paid for that. Sounds to be true, sure!

How? Cool! It’s just simple as that. What you need to do is to setup a blog like mine, and start writing anything you love such as: Business tips, Family discussion, Friends, Stories or whatever that comes to your mind to share with the world. However, I must advice you not to setup a prohibited blogs such as: pornography, Profanity, Drug abuse, Smoking, and any content that promote illegal activities. The reason is that your blog wouldn’t be accepted for paid blogging sites. Ensure that you post at least 20 pages range from 200-500 words. Next, allow you site to stay 2-3 months in order to be index in goggle search engine. After this, start to sign up with any of the paid blogging sites—blogging experience is only thing that is required to achieve this. I suggest you should use or Any of this is simple to use; and equally has free video tutorials. Get paid per post $5-$200.

Having setup you blog, then begin to sign up with these paid blogging websites below:

1. -- This site pays you to write what you love. Just sign up with them free.

2. - is one of the top 5 personal finance blogs. We give our bloggers 100% of the advertising revenue they earn on their blog posts.

3. - Looking to get paid to blog about subjects you love? Tell them what you’re passionate about.

4. -- Join this site and write honest review on advertiser’s products and services. Write reviews in your own tone and style, and gear them to your audience’s interest.

5. -- This site offers pay for advertisement. Sign up with them and start writing product reviews and website promotion.

6. – This site offers review job for website/product. Get paid for blogging. Write your opinion about people’s products, services and websites on your blog. Get paid weekly. Nice site to join.

7. -- The more abstracts you post at Shvoong, the more chances to attract readers. Create link to your abstract elsewhere (on blogs, forums, your personal homepage, or other sites). Spread the word by joining our “Invite a friend” and/or “Affiliates” programs, and earn bonuses equivalent to the invite members’ royalties, up to $100 for every new writer.

8. _ Get paid $20 – $200 to review products and services on your site. You control what you review. Better than Smorty. Reviewme is highly recommended for Advertisers. Bloggers earns more than $200 when attained higher page rank.

9. – Equivalent to
PayPerPost is an incredible new self-service marketplace that allows you to get paid to blog about the products, services and websites you love. You can easily earn $200 per month or more with your current blog. Earning depends on pagerank.

– This site offers paid per post jobs. Payments are made monthly.

11. – Sign up and begin and for blog approval within 48hrs, get approved, blog the topic, and get paid.

12. -- Earn a share of the advertising money earned here at Helium. If you write well, and write often, you earn even more recognition and reward.

13. – sign up and start blogging with them.

Others are:
14. – pays monthly


Stay tune for new site update. Happy blogging!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Are you seeking for online work-at-home job? Experience has taught me lesson!


First and foremost, work-at-home is a job we do (possibly offline or online) at home and get paid. Online work-at-home is a substitute for this contemporary economic recession. Internet has made life easier by bringing jobs in your home. There’re so many online work-at-home jobs presently on internet. Anybody can choose the respective work-at-home job as desired. Some of the jobs required basic skill to do; few of them required little experience to embark on. On the other hand, there so many online businesses you can embark on. Some required small investment, others required big investment. I’ll state everything clear here, so that you would choose your best choice. (Don’t worry, there’re many free online work-at-home on net that you can simply do, get paid to pay off your bill)

Online work-at-home is a job anyone can do such as: Disables, nursing mothers, retired workers, part time workers, and part time students, among others. You see, work-at-home is a general job anyone can do. I learnt someone said that, work-at-home is a job for disables and lazy peoples, but that isn’t true. Anybody can choose to work at home.

If you’re seeking for online work-at-home jobs; probably, you had been scammed, don’t quite… relax. Experience has taught me lesson! And I’m hear to let the cat out the bag, believe me I‘ll reveal you so many secrete about work-at-home and contemporary internet frauds. I pray you’ll escape them! However, you need basic tips and online information on tasted and tried websites, so as to escape scammers out there on net. Let’s join our hands to fight and ward-off internet scammers from net. Get the full details of my information at homepage.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

My Review On"Free Information" is a market place that connects advertisers/buyers and freelancers together. It’s a nice site whereby so many jobs and professional skills can be found. Advertisers are free to post jobs without a fee. Likewise the freelancers, any freelancer can join this site free of charge. They accept everyone; I mean anybody from any part of the world can join them. In odesk, there’re various categories of freelance jobs such as: Writing & Translation, Web Content, Technical Writing, Website Development, Creative Writing, Link Building, among others.

Odesk is a professional site, in the sense that buyers and freelancers enjoy the flexible service from each other. Professional tools are available for accurate and informative job. Freelancers are required to pass many tests and skills so as to acquire suitable profile. Odesk has two aspects of job posting—hourly and fixed paid jobs.

In hourly paid job, they have specific software for members that do hourly jobs; this is to keep accurate statistic record during the time of the job. The user downloads the software from the odesk-- free of charge. To participate in hourly jobs, both parties must have this software installed in their system. Based on my experience in odesk so far, the hourly jobs rage from $5- $30 per hr. The Freelancers are those who set their specific amount to be paid per hr.

In fixed paid job, buyers decide on specific prize for the job. There’s no bargain in fixed prize. If a buyer fixed 20 articles to write for $5, it’s left for the writer to apply for the job if she agreed on the payment. This can be done and completed within the stipulated time between the writer and the buyer.

The downside, new writers might find it difficult to work with Odesk due to high professional standard of Odesk service. Moreover, to secure job in Odesk tends to be too hard. It appears that immediately job is posted at Odesk, within five minutes, fifty-five peoples are already on the queue. Most of the members have attained strong reputation in such that advertisers would select them without even wasting time searching for new writers.

I registered with Odesk last month, but up till now, I haven’t won any project though. Notwithstanding, one thing that surprises me and somehow makes me bore with Odesk is that, imagine a situation whereby the advertiser would just say “I need 25 – 800 words science related articles at fixed prize of $50”, yet people wouldn’t mind such poor & ripe-off payment of the job, but keep on climbing on one another, competing with one another! Of course it’s somehow a ripe-off article if the buyer really need original and informative article to write for. Well, for me, I skip such project. It’s a waste of time, since I can’t give you copy & paste job, then my time should be valued!

In summary, Odesk is a good place for professional freelancers but not for beginners. I suggest beginners should start with GAF—, where both beginners and professionals can easily get job. GAF offers free posting as well as free registration for their members. I registered with GAF for my first time and won the project right away- –1000 words article at $20. Isn’t a pretty good deal? Cool! I finished it the same day and got my payment via paypal. I still recommend Odesk for freelancers though.

Monday, June 15, 2009

My Review On This Site -

This site claims to be one of the best sites on consumers’ choice. ReviewMe is a site that offers product/website reviews. Personally, I’ve not yet use this site, but I’ve the good reviews about them. I’ve met more than two current members of and they all recommend this site to people. Based on information I got from their website; ReviewMe is a site that connects the manufacturer or website owners and the bloggers (probably the consumer who have tested/tried the product) to review the product/website so as to let people know exactly what the Advertiser can offer.

Just as I earlier said, I’ve not work with them as a blogger though. I tried to work with them after I created a blog but was unable to be approved up to their market requirements. I submitted my blog three times but they told me "we’re unable to approve your blog”. What I understand about ReviewMe is that they are serious and somewhat strict to their dealing with new bloggers. And generally, I understand that they really give the best for their customers (the review buyer). In the sense that if the Advertiser pays $500 for the posted review, the Advertiser will be rest assured that he made a lucrative investment.

In fact, this site is highly recommendable for website promotion. The reason is that any of your product review is excellent! When I was searching their site this morning, I got contact with Michael one of their prominent bloggers. I read some of his articles review and I was impressed; and as well as saw many comments from divers people right away start to purchase the product! Definitely this is the effect of search engine optimization-- frequent traffic. ReviewMe, bravo! I would like to know how you get this high PageRank, possibly your website must had reach 6 in PageRank and as well would like to get my own website higher in PageRank. Certainly I’ll go to their website at and open Advertiser’s account so that I would benefit like others.

In summary, for me, ReviewMe is better for Advertisers. But for the bloggers, well, bloggers makes reasonable money only when they attained higher PageRank. Also, based on my experience with them so far, they don’t accept all blogs for their market place. Bloggers must attain their specific requirements in order to be eligible. ReviewMe is a nice site for Advertisers and consumers for excellent reviews and website promotion.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Pinecon Research- Is it a Scam Site?

I have spent a lot of time looking for the best and safest ways to make money online. One gem that I came across is Pinecone Research. has honestly been one of the best online money makers I have ever used. The thing that I love about them the most is the fact that if you get invited to complete a survey for them, you already qualify. They don’t invite you to the survey unless they have already decided that they want your opinion. I also feel that the compensation is quite generous.

They pay you a flat rate of $3.00 for each survey that you complete and submit. Over the past three months I have made about $50.00 from Pinecone Research. In addition to the monetary compensation, you will sometimes receive free full size samples from the manufacturers so that they can get a more accurate consumer opinion. The nice thing about the samples is that if you get to keep the sample, you are also invited to a follow up survey that will also pay you $3.00.

If you have to return the sample, they pay you $5.00 for you efforts of using and returning it. Getting paid $6 to $8 total to use somebody else’s stuff is a really great deal. I have been very satisfied with their payment time. When I started, I was receiving payment by check. Within 7 days of completing a survey, I received my $3.00 check in the mail. Since then I have switched to PayPal and now receive my compensation in my account in 24 hours or less. A downside of Pinecone Research is that it is by invitation only or by finding one of their banners on some other random website.

However, Pinecone has by far been the best paid survey website I’ve joined because you get paid per survey instead of a minimum payout, the compensation is cash instead of points, prizes, or sweepstakes entries, and the fact that you won’t spend 15 minutes on a survey just to be told you don’t qualify. The survey lengths usually are between 10 and 30 minutes which is a very good value for the compensation. I would confidently recommend this website to anybody looking for a way to make a few extra bucks on the side. I have been very pleased with them since joining and their customer service is stupendous.Pinecone Research is not a scam site.

Maximumbliss-ZenBuddhism Review

The site explains about Zen. Zen is a unique sect which has no beliefs, no traditions. Zen accepts life as it is. A person from any religion can become a Zen practitioner. Zen says to focus on everything in life and take life as naturally as possible. Zen teaches meditation. Zen also discourages desiring because when you desire for something, it means that you do not like what is happening in the present moment. Desiring takes you away from the present moment.
Zazen is an important Zen meditation technique and it is explained on this website. According to Zazen, we are not separate from life. This meditation technique helps a person to realize that he is not in any way separate from life. In other words, everything in the universe is life and nothing but life.

This is a good website. The articles are very interesting and full of spiritual wisdom. However, the meditation techniques are limited only to those of Zen. This site is not for those who feel that Zen is difficult.
Personally, I liked this site very much. The content on this site is very interesting. I also feel that the Zen meditation technique is helpful. However, it is not so easy. To take everything naturally may seem to be easy, but actually it is very difficult. But I feel this makes much sense and that is the reason why I liked this website. I rate this site 8 out of 10 points.

Tourism Catalog of Yogyakarta: Read Before Purchase!

Review on
I was planning to travel to Yogyakarta, Indonesia with my wife on late December 2008. When we were still in Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia, we really would love to visit Yogyakarta for its beautiful culture, for its full of artisan and its history. So then we were goggling and found out this website: It was like huge jackpot for us, because it’s so complete. The site guides you to real Yogyakarta.

It has lots of info, from the map, culture destination, cultural show, shopping, culinary, restaurant and cafe, etc. But the best info of all is its info for the hotels! From Stars Hotel until hotel under $10 a day! Getting Info about hotel is really important for us, because we want a comfortable hotel with comfortable price as well, since we traveled on budget. You can call for availability of this hotel one by one. My tips, if you would like to book on high season during August - December, please book a month before or at least a couple of weeks before, because the budget hotel and hotel under $10 are really most wanted, I must tell you, the site really gives you hotel with good services even they’re budget hotel.

The site has been really helpful for us to explore Yogyakarta. It was amazing during our stay in Yogyakarta, I would love to review the hotel and give praise to them. But for now, Bravo! Keep up your great work! Love it! Anything you would like to ask about Yogyakarta, I would gladly share my experience with you as well! You can contact me through my MSN. Check them at

Review on StatCounter Web Tracker

StatCounter offers a great web tracker. It can count the number of visitors to your web site. The service provides you a lot of detailed information about your visitors: where they are from, their computer’s settings, what link brought them to your site and their navigation path inside your site.

They say that “knowledge is power”. When it comes to web site promotion, this is certainly true! I believe the more you know about your users, the more successful your web site becomes. With this service you get a lot of information that can really be useful. By the way, you can hide the web counter using its invisible settings, so it doesn’t bother some users. I personally use this feature on my web sites.

One small thing that bothered me with StatCounter is that once I’ve added it to my web site’s pages, they would come up somewhat slower. I didn’t compare it to other web counters, so I can’t tell if it’s slower than others.

I have used StatCounter to track visitors to two websites I own. I am very pleased with the service. I think the detailed statistics are great. It can provide you with a lot of import information about your web site visitors. I truly believe that StatCounter is one of the very best web counters and highly recommend it to every site owner!

Have You Tried VIP Slots Online Casino?

I first tried VIP Slots Online Casino about a year ago, and was impressed with its selection of games. The graphics on the slot games are what attracted me first. They are very realistic, and they feature bonus rounds, wilds, and free spins.

VIP Slots offers generous rewards and bonuses to its loyal players, as well as welcome bonuses for its new customers. They also offer online slot tournaments, which are my favorite. I usually enter the free tournaments that they offer. The tournments feature a new slot game each day. The casino runs several slot tournaments simultaneously, some for a fee, and some for free.
The customer service at VIP Slots online casino is superb. They are very prompt at returning emails, and they also offer a toll-free phone number in case you have any questions. Live chat is also available 24 hours a day. The longest I have had to wait is about 2 minutes, but usually they respond instantly.

Payouts at VIP Slots are relatively quick, although not the fastest I’ve seen. To receive payment, it usually takes 2 weeks or so for them to process and pay out.
Overall, VIP Slots is a good casino, although perhaps not my favorite of the Vegas Technology group. I have since found other casinos that use the same software and seem to have better payouts. Golden Casino and Online Vegas are examples. Still, I enjoy playing at VIP, and would recommend the casino to anyone interested in online gaming.

Linksys Wireless LAN Card-" Tested & Approved Best Connection"

We run a small office of web designing and have around 7-8 computers running , it is very important specially in designing sector to keep in touch with each other work for finally everything is amalgamated together to create some highly professional web page . So all the computers are in a network but we use wireless technology to connect each other as the LAN wires all around the office makes the already messed up office more complicated. 8-10 computers in a small office already gives it a very sophisticated looks and so of that very reason we use Linksys wireless LAN card to connect each other.

Linksys wireless LAN card are very easy to install and we don’t have to go through all those fussy steps of crimping the wire, crimping looks very easy but gives serious head-ache when executing it. Just a minor mistake and we have to throw away the RJ 45 and start it all over again and wired LAN gives plenty of problems not just before installing but also afterward when we complete the networking process.

So Linksys wireless LAN card doesn’t have any such problem and installing and using it is very easy, just need to install the card in the slot and install the software and the wireless technology is ready to be used. Configuring is nothing different and just need to enable DHCP server or configure the TCP/ IP manually as we do in wired LAN technology.All the computers in our office have a Linksys wireless LAN card and it functions very smoothly, we never had any problem transferring and sharing of files and I feel the wireless technology is faster than the normal wired LAN connection.